Sunday, 27 May 2012

Beauty Myth - From Head to Toe

Feeling like something is lacking in your closet? Maybe it's time to update your wardrobe. Here is something different from your normal fashion blogshop - BeautyMyth. An established blogshop, it is the first online retailer in Asia to globally distribute a wide range of lifestyle and fashion products from the region. BeautyMyth sells bags, accessories, dresses, swim suits, couple tees and the list goes on. Catering to different markets, there's designer items, trendy pieces, as well as classy and timeless ones to suit your personalised style and budget.  You would definitely see something you love, and the price is reasonable too!  

We love this: Zoe Tie Waist Tube Black Jumper Suit. Especially great in elongating your legs, we're sure you'll be the focus point of the party. This is absolutely convenient for lazy days when you just don't feel like thinking of what to wear for that day. All of us have experienced this someday or other. Besides, black is great in giving people the slimming illusion. 

Ladies, hurry in grabbing one for yourself, at the comfort of your home. For only RM 32, it's a steal for a deal! 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Feminine Floral Prints

Sixpenze Boutique is a young and trendy boutique that provides expert design, quality and workmanship from fashion powerhouses in Korea, India, Nepal and others, the interaction SIXPENZE share with clients ensure stocks fly from the shelves even before they arrive.

Sixpenze Boutique is a one-stop place for those in need of a trendy and edgy from head-to-toe look. You can get to find skirts, dresses, gown, jackets, pants, shorts and an assortment of accessories for any and every occasion.

Charm with a gorgeous dress

Grab your crush's attention easily by wearing a gorgeous dress. This dress are suit to wear at any occasion by adding a necklace to match your dress it will makes you look like angel at the event.  Find out more at

Necklace- RM 79 

Beautiful dress without necklace just like flower without leaves. Matching this necklace with the dress it just look perfect.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Comfy Casual Blouses

Feeling all tighten up? Wanting something comfortable?
Look here! We have something chilling to suggest this summer!
Get some really comfy loose casual blouses in your closet!
To you, the chubby cute ones, worry not of not having your size, loose blouses are all free-sized!

Carefree Boat Neck Loose Blouse

As colorful as rainbow! It brightens your day!
This blouse comes in multi-colors.
Orange, Turquoise, Black, Purple and Cream. They all look so sweet!
Grab all of them in your closet; wear different colors suiting different moods!
It comes with a wooden necklace which goes perfectly with the blouse!

It costs only
RM 65.00
Get it now while stocks last! 

Korean Style Chiffon Loose Blouse

Want to look like Korean hot chic!? It comes in sexy hot red or elegant beige in color!
This piece is cooling! It’s thin and loose! Made of chiffon!
You definitely want this in your closet! It’s casual yet elegant!

Selling only at
RM 47.00

Definitely worth your cash!
Order now from