Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Irresistible Gorgeous Pieces

T.G.I.F girls! 

Spotted this week: Su-Estilo

Epitomized by 2 girls who can't get enough of shopping, I suppose you would be able to relate well with their first love, thus they have decided to share their joy with people like them, establishing Su-Estilo. Su-Estilo offers a wide range of timeless pieces to satisfy the shopaholic in you. Dresses, tops, bottoms, you name it, they've got it.

Su-Estilo also has accessories that would fit perfectly for different functions, from casual to corporate to evening dinners. You would love their eye-catching necklaces, classy clutches, and chic belts that they are selling! What we love most about Su-Estilo is they offer useful tips on how to dress up or dress down depending on occasion, that you would catch everyone's attention for all the right reasons!
Our top picks from Su-Estilo:

Luxe Convertible Dress - Scarlet
Luxe Convertible Dress 
One dress with countless possibilities! It's time to let your creativity flow - explore different styles that suit you best. This dress is perfect for bridesmaids, weddings, events, travelling, even work. Pair it with an interesting necklace piece for added attention at events, or put on a blazer for an understated look at work. 
For RM69.00, we'd say it's worth every cent for the dress. 

Oopsie Candy Long Drop Necklace - Black
Oopsie Candy Long Drop Necklace - RM 39.00
Also from Su-Estilo, this piece would look great with the dress!

Contrast Ruffled Chested Chiffon Top - Pink

Ruffled Chested Chiffon Top
Clueless on what to wear to a date with that amazingly cute guy? 
Unveil your feminine side with this sweet and whimsical chiffon top 
for an understated yet chic look. 
It is appropriate for office wear too, and would look great for after-work appointments paired with a clutch.  
Only RM49, we'd say it's a buy you'll not regret!  

Crochet Chest Top - Pink Dot

Crochet Chest Top
We love this too, for its delicate crochet details at the chest and hemline, with mini polka dots print. For a carefree Sunday, this airy cotton top is a must-get with the increasingly unbearable heat. Pair it with denim shorts or skinny jeans to sport that innocently cute look for a weekend brunch. 
Priced at RM49, it is available in pink and cream colour. 

Start your shopping spree, girls! 

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